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Environmental Control Units

Environmental Control Units

Marvin Land Systems (MLS) has developed significant expertise with Environmental Control Units (ECUs) and related sub-systems, including air handling systems, propulsion cooling fans and CBRN defense systems.


Our products are based on the latest HVAC technology and utilize cutting edge aerodynamic design to provide high efficiency systems which meet stringent U.S. Army requirements. We are adept at providing modernization options to replace obsolete designs or retrofitting vehicles which lacked ECU’s when first fielded.

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Avenger Air Defense System PPU

Avenger Air Defense System ECU/PPU

MLS designed a compact, highly efficient Environmental Control Unit and Prime Power...

M270 MLRS Auxiliary Power Unit and Environmental Control Unit


MLS designed both auxiliary power and environmental controls for the M270 Multiple...

Environmental Control Unit for Stryker MGS

Stryker MGS Climate Control

The Stryker Mobile Gun Systems (MGS) vehicle cooling kit is designed to...

Ship-to-Shore Connector (SSC) Hydraulic Oil Coolers

SSC Hydraulic Oil Cooler

Provides cooling to the gear box system for the Ship-to-Shore Connector (SSC)...

Stryker Environmental Control System

Stryker Climate Control System

Various components of the Climate Control System (CCS) for the Stryker Family...

High Voltage Cooling System

High Voltage 40kW Cooling System

Originally designed to support the cooling needs of the Future Combat System...

Electronics Chillers

Compact chiller system designed to cool sensitive electronics in a maritime environment.