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Marvin Land Systems manufactures high efficiency axial, mixed flow and centrifugal fans for military vehicle. Applications include main engine cooling fans, HVAC/Ventilation fan and Scavenge fan

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Integrated Controller Fan Assembly

Featuring a brushless DC motor, the vane axial fan has an integrated...

Compact Cooling Fan

Designed to operate in space-restricted environments.

Stryker Scavenge Fan

Stryker Scavenge Fan

Scavenge Fan designed by MLS to support the M1126 – M1135 Stryker...

EFV Main Engine Cooling Fan

The Main Engine Hydraulic Motor Cooling Fan has been designed to meet...

FCS MGV Main Engine Cooling Fan

MLS designed the main cooling fan, motor and controller to meet the...

Stryker Engine Bay Cooling Fan

Cooling fan designed to keep the main propulsion cool for the M1126...

Stryker Main Cooling Fan

Main Cooling Fan designed for the interior of the M1126-M1135 Stryker Family...