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Aftermarket APU Installation on MRAP Platform

Marvin Land Systems (MLS) was asked by an Asian operator to make an operational enhancement to a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) wheeled vehicle which it had procured from a non-U.S. vehicle manufacturer. The operator was interested in integrating an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) with the vehicle, without compromising the armored protection for the occupants.

MLS utilized its design and engineering experience to provide a highly reliable power generation solution which would not interfere with the vehicle’s design and would meet the customer’s requirements.



An undisclosed Asian country seeking to provide additional electrical power to a non-U.S. manufactured MRAP vehicle.


The specific vehicle that MLS was asked to integrate the APU with was not initially integrated with any supplemental power generation capability beyond the vehicle’s engine. Furthermore, this was a non-U.S. platform which MLS did not have previous experience working with.


MLS designed a compact, high-reliability APU that it successfully integrated with the foreign manufactured MRAP to provide additional on-board power generation capabilities.


MLS designed an efficient APU which was integrated with the passenger capsule of the APU, providing additional power generation capabilities without compromising the armored protection for the vehicle’s occupants.

MLS has extensive demonstrable experience retrofitting vehicles with Auxiliary Power Units, as well as addressing obsolescence issues arising from the use of APUs which are either out of production or very difficult to repair due to lack of availability of spare parts.

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